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5. TCA Governance 

Tunis Carthage Virtual Airline is strategically and LEGALLY governed by the board of governors, in a legal and fair way, assisted by staff managers.

They will be responsible for maintaining the good running and progress as well as maintaining order, discipline and a good aviation level overall. They will provide information, trainings and documents related to aeronautics, available on the website and upon pilot’s request.

The TCA Staff Mission Statement :

Board of Governors :

     ● Chief Executive Officer (TCA-CEO):

      - Owner and Founder of Tunis Carthage Virtual Airline.

      - CEO, Chairman, Contact name and Responsible for communication and public relations overall.

      - Assigning, managing and monitoring TCA, staff members and pilots.

      - The one and unique responsible of TCA, its website and its content.

      - Assisting and Instructing staff in their positions.


      ● Training Director (TCA-TD):

      - Responsible for pilots’ recruitments.
      - Responsible for Exams and Trainings.
      - Assigning, monitoring and instructing TCA dispatchers.
      - Suggesting chief pilots to Board of Governors.
      - Assisting FOD in tours creation.
      - Keeping TCA up with IVAO™ events/trainings/exams.

Requirements: At least 1000h in IVAO™ (+1year membership) having at least Senior Private Pilot Rating in IVAO™ or PPL or CPL or ATPL with IR  in real-life.


      ● Flight Operations Director (TCA-FOD):       VACANT

      - Creating Tours and Events, as well as assisting PIREP validation.

      - Maintaining routes’ and airac’s database updated.

      - Suggesting TCA advisors, dispatchers and chief pilots.

      - Responsible for airline’s operations overall. 

Requirements: At least 600h in IVAO™ (+9 months membership), high aviation level (interview, +ADC or +PPL rating mandatory)


      ● Human Resources Director (TCA-HRD): 

      - Responsible for contact with TCA members.

      - Resolving disputes within TCA.

      - Providing constant statistics of TCA pilots / flights / hours/ database…

      - Assisting Training Director in recruitments.

      - Validating Tours / PIREPS / Awards.

Requirements: At least 600h in IVAO™ (+6 months membership), very good contact and interaction with TCA pilots and IVAO™ members.



Management :

Managers will be assigned by a decision from the Executive. Missions and Requirements will be communicated upon vacancies announcement.


    ● Public Relations Manager (TCA-PRM)       VACANT

    ● Scheduling and Membership Manager (TCA-SMM)

    ● Event Manager (TCA-EM)     VACANT 

    ●Logistics Manager (TCA-LM)

Chief Pilots : 

Chief Pilots will be responsible for providing and validating their aircraft’s documentation (Reference book, check-list…). They may be as well assigned by the Training Director to provide comprehensive trainings and retraining (recycling) on pilots’ request.

The Training Director will act as “fill-in” for aircrafts not having chief pilots.

Requirements: Must be very familiar with their aircraft (real-life eligibility highly appreciated).


●Airbus Chief Pilot (TCA-ACP)

●Boeing Chief Pilot (TCA-BCP)    VACANT 



Dispatchers :

Dispatchers will be responsible for creating Flight Plans for the scheduled flights, creating routes and applying applicable temporary or permanent changes, updating AIRACs, checking and sending NOTAM and assist in validating PIREP.

TCA company channel: You may find a TCA dispatcher online on TCA TS3 Server,  IvAc and/or TCA’s operation Teamspeak channel (TCA-CC/Callsign: Carthage Operations/Server:™ rulregs 7.5).

You have to contact them (if online, beside ATC if online) to inform about boarding, passengers, fuel, EOBT, EET, stand.

They will be in touch with online ATC, to ensure you fly according to schedule… They will be always at PIC’s service, for any request.



●Tunis Carthage Airlines Dispatcher (TCA-Dispatcher).


P.S: Other than TCA dispatchers, any Staff member may act as a one.



  1. 5.2.  TCA Staff application procedure:


In order to apply for a staff vacancy, you have to be an active pilot in TCA, and meet the requirements for that specific application. After you send your motivation letter to TCA Executive (, we will invite you for a voice interview, in order to check your background, general knowledge (especially related to the position you are applying for) and your command and management skills. We expect you to be able to provide at least 4-6 hours a week. Further instructions will be provided later-on, if application accepted.