Ali ZART (TCA34, Contact)Flight Instructor Captain
Bembla -TN
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Staff Position:Logistics Manager - Dispatcher 1

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21:09h Transfered from TAR VA. 25/05/2014 by CEO/Fares

Congratulations on getting the Private Pilot by Captain Hasseine Rekik

29 May 2014
Thank you for using our TCA Acars. Issued by Fares/CEO
IVAO Pilot
29 May 2014
Thank you for using our Callsign when flying in IVAO Network. Issued by Fares/CEO
30 May 2014
Thank you very much for your help to the Logistics Department. Issued by Hasseine Rekik Training Director.
01 Jun 2014
Thank you very much for participating and helping us succeed our Executive Flight Event. Issued by Chief Executive / Fares
African Safari Tour Award
30 Jun 2014
Thank you for flying the African Safari Tour. Issued by Executive/Fares
1 Year Anniversary
06 Jun 2015
Many thanks for taking part in our 1st Anniversary Flight, Mabrouk! Issued by CEO/Fares BELKHIRIA
Bid Comitment
16 Jun 2015
Un grand merci pour votre participation l'event OMRA v2.0. Issued by TCA-SMM

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