3. Application Procedure & Terms


  1. 3.1.  Application and Requirements

To qualify for membership to TCA virtual, the pilot is required to submit a recruitment request; the Staff will examine it, see if he meets the requirements and check his background as a member in IVAO™.  If the pilot’s request has been approved, he will be required to sit for an entrance examination, in order to check his aeronautical knowledge. The examiner will be one of the TCA governors, who will ask him theoretical questions and may request him to perform a practical maneuver; such as landing, Intercepting a Radial, ILS app, rejected takeoff, go around… He will also introduce to the examinee the TCA in general, and explain the “TCA Client” main functions. Hopefully successful, he will therefore become an official TCA pilot.

  • The pilot must be in possession of Flight Simulator 2004 or FSX.
  • The pilot must be registered with the IVAO™. If you have not yet registered with IVAO, please go to IVAO.
  • The pilot must be able to fly for TCA Virtual once every 20 days. 
  • The pilot must submit their real identity. ( No nicknames or callsigns are permitted in Full name section )
  • The ability to show professionalism, discipline and respect within the organisation and when conducting Online Operations. Don’t forget you will be flying with our image on the radar.
  • As English is the international language of the aviation industry, we require applicants to harbor a reasonable level of written and spoken English. However, Arabic and French are still to be used by our pilots.

P.S: The TCA Board of Governors may ask any member for Identity confirmation, if it doubts it. The Identity confirmation will require a copy or a scan of at least one the following official pieces of ID:

∙ National Identification Card or Driver’s license


∙Any other official document confirming your name/surname, picture and age.

After the verification, The TCA Board of Governors commits to destroy your ID and prevents any unauthorized person to access it.
3.1    Pilot Inactivity Policy

  1. Tunis Carthage Airlines Virtual operates a 20 day active flying policy which means pilots must fly at least one flight every 20 days.
  • Pilots who are inactive after the 20 day period may be removed without notice from the rosters.
  • You will NOT be entitled to any leave until you have served 90 days as an active pilot. Exceptions may happen if the pilot contacts the TCA Staff and provide a valid reason explaining his inactivity
  • Your first flight at Tunis Carthage Airlines Virtual must be completed within 12 days of your acceptance date.
  • Please consider that at a certain stage, other pilots may be on a waiting list to join the VA. If for any reason you feel you are no longer able to serve as an active pilot in TCA, and want to exit, please let the staff know.
  • If you do fall inactive on our rosters and re-apply your past record of participation will be looked at.




  1. 3.3.    Pilot Reports "PIREPS"
  • Accelerated Time is NOT permissible through our software client.
  • To ensure the PIC is present during the flight, and in order to avoid sandbagging, the client will require several human interventions during the flight
  • Flight Planning is required for all flights at Tunis Carthage Virtual Airlines; this is one of the mandatory fields in the client.
  • We’ll provide you with a valid, updated and efficient flight plan for every scheduled flight, however, you are in command, you may adjust you FPL for any reason you judge necessary.